Self-guided Canoe Trip Package - Jokkmokk to Kvikkjokk, 7 days

À partir de SEK 5 100,00 SEK
  • Durée: 7 Jours (environ)
  • Lieu: Jokkmokk
  • Code produit: SelfGuidedJmkKvikkj7d

A 7 days self-guided canoe trip along the river valley from Jokkmokk’s woodlands in the east to the beautiful Kvikkjokk mountains in the west. In Kvikkjokk many hiking trails starts which is perfect if you like to continue on a hiking tour, for example along the King’s Trail – Kungsleden.

Small villages are situated around the lakes and settlers has lived here since the beginning of the 1600 century. Sámi people already were already here and lived from reindeer keeping, hunting and fishing. If you go further back in time there is ancient remains from 6000-year-old hunting societies. This is a wilderness area with a changing and vibrant culture since ages ago.

This paddle route is a suitable tour for you who like to experience the wilderness of Swedish Lapland without feeling all alone. You can paddle for days without seeing anyone but you are not far away from help if you should need it. There is mobile phone coverage on several places along the river valley but not everywhere. You’re travelling on big waters so you need to be aware that it can blow up quickly and high waves may occur so be careful and always paddle close to shore.
There are 3 portages along the way. On all three of them you can use the canoe cart.

For information about fishing regulations and fishing permits:

The route on Google Maps: Jokkmokk-Kvikkjokk

Your canoe trip starts in Brändön. The lake is shallow and during the warmer periods of the summer the water temperatures often go up to +25 C. There are many nice camping spots around Purkijaure.

After paddling over Purkijaure lake you shall take up the canoe/kayak in Gladvik (see the map). From here you walk the small gravel road up to Randijaure lake.
Put in the canoe/kayak on the west side of the water dam. Do NOT paddle close to the dam because strong currents appear when the dam hatches open and close.
Randijaure is a big lake and as with all big lakes in Lapland high waves can appear when it’s windy. By hard north or northwest winds, you shall stay on shore and wait until it’s settling down. Usually, it calms down in the evening and at night.

After canoeing on Randijaure lake you have a portage and lift up the canoe on the north side below the dam. After putting your canoe on the cart, you walk the small road (see map) up to Parkijaure. Do NOT paddle close to the dam because of the strong currents that appear when the dam hatches open and close.

This is a long distance along narrow and long lakes. You see the mountains in the west and on the north side of the lakes is the official road to Kvikkjokk. For the most wilderness feeling, we recommend you to follow the south shore. Watch out for big stones hiding just below the water’s surface!

After Stage 4 you lift up the canoe in the bay on the north side before the small village called Njavve. Here you come close to the Kvikkjokk road and the portage with a canoe cart is easy (see the map).
ATTENTION!! Do NOT paddle the distance between Saggat and Tjåmotisjaure. Rapids should only be paddled by those who have the right training and a lot of experience in reading whitewater, AND have the right safety equipment. The equipment and canoes from us are NOT made for whitewater rapids.
Lake Saggat is the last lake before your final destination in Kvikkjokk. On the north shore of the lake, you find Årrenjarka Mountain Lodge. Here you can rent a cabin, and eat in the beautiful restaurant.
At the west end of lake Saggat you find the small village Kvikkjokk. Kvikkjokk has a beautiful delta landscape and it’s nice to just float around in your canoe. Kvikkjokk Mountain Station is situated here for those who like to spend a night in a comfy bed.

NOTE! Price per package is for 2 persons

Included in the price:  

  • 1 canoe for 2 person
  • 2 Life jacket, 3 paddles
  • 1 Waterproof barrel, 60 liter
  • 1 Canoe cart
  • Sponge, poop shovel, garbage bag
  • Loan of tour map
  • Transportation for 2 persons:
    Jokkmokk and launch point day 1
    Kvikkjokk to Jokkmokk day 7

Pick-up times:
Day 1, Meet us at Jokkmokk bus station at 11:00
Day 7, Meet us outside Kvikkjokk Church at 13:00-13:30 (We're back in Jokkmokk at approx 16:00-16:30)

You need to be packed and ready for departure when we meet at the bus station at day 1.
If you see that you will not reach the end destination in Kvikkjokk at appointed time, you need contact us no later than 24 hours before regular pick-up time, so we together can plan and decide where and when to pick you and the equipment up. If it’s possible to pick you up along the way during regular transports, you will not be charged extra. If not, you will be charged the regular transport price for the total extra mileage, 140 Sek/10 km. Extra transports take place outside the regular time schedule when we have the opportunity. If we do not get the canoe and equipment back on time, you will also be charged extra rent according to regular prices.
AND of course you need to know how to paddle and read a map.

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