With dog sled to the gate of Sarek National Park

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  • Duration: 8 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Gällivare
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Join the adventure on a dog sled tour along the King´s trail to the gate to Sarek National Park.
A classic route with stunning views and overnight stays in comfortable mountain huts.
Start and finish at Saltoluokta Mountain Station, dating back to the early 20th century.

This dog sled tour is one of the easier mountain tours in our range of dog sledding adventures. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s like Disney World where you just slide along behind a dog sled. No, this is still a real adventure where nature and the weather forces control our days. You will learn to handle and drive your own team of sled dogs, the huts we stay in is without electricity and running water and everyone helps with all the chores.

We go in an area of wild and beautiful nature and travel close to the border of Sarek National Park which is a part of the Laponia World heritage. Sarek is often called Europe’s last wilderness. Here are the high mountain ranges and deep valleys, but also the old mountain virgin forests that’s never been affected by modern forestry.

is a living Sami culture in the area, and there has been reindeer husbandry for a very long time. Later, some settlers have also settled down on places like Aktse, Björkudden and Kvikkjokk.

Day 1 - Saltoluokta Mountain station, the beginning of our adventure
We all meet in Saltoluokta’s reputable restaurant and enjoy a 3-course dinner. Saltoluokta was built over 100 years ago by the Swedish Tourist Association. The timbered main building, built in 1918, has the old charm intact with
fireplaces, light bulbs and candlelight’s in the restaurant.

After dinner we check the equipment and you will get your clothes and warm boots.
If you arrive early in the day, we have snow shoes that you can borrow if you wish to explore the surroundings.

Day 2 – Autsvagge, the glen above the tree line
After breakfast you will make acquaintance with the dogs, all Siberian Huskies and with different personalities. We give you instructions about the equipment and how to drive and handle a dog team. We start out south along the King’s Trail with a steep climb up from the valley of river Stora Luleälven. Pretty soon we will reach the timber line and most of the day we will travel in tundra-like terrain over the bare mountain. We will find a suitable place for lunch.
The destination for the day is the beautifully located Sitojaure mountain cabin.

Day 3 – The gate to Sarek National Park
Today’s stage goes from the Sitojaure cabin to the mountain hut in Aktse. The first part goes slightly downhill along the river Sitoälven’s valley. At first the marked winter trail mostly goes over frozen lakes and through mountain
birch forest. Gradually, the forest passes to consist of windblown spruce and finally resilient old pine trees.
Like all days we have an outdoor lunch.
Aktse is an old mountain homestead where settlers and hunters lived since ancient times. Here we will see the famous "Gate to Sarek, Europe's Last Wilderness".

Day 4 – Rittakdalen valley, the land of the old trees
Our journey continues south along the well-known King’s Trail. The trail goes mostly over lakes and mires, but also through old mountain forests with ancient spruce and pine forests. All the time with the mountains in our immediate vicinity.
In the afternoon we reach the Pårte cabin located on a beautiful little peninsula that stands out into one of the lakes
called Tatasjöarna. The valley Rittakdalen has true wilderness character with its old forests and mountains that rise around it.

Day 5 – North back towards Aktse
In Pårte we turn our dog teams and starting our journey back north. The journey goes back through forests and over lakes. If there is good weather and visibility when we cross the lake Laidaure, we will see one of the most famous views in the Swedish mountain range, the mouth of the Rapadalen valley in Sarek National Park.
Today’s destination is the hut in Aktse where we will spend our night.

Day 6 –
Aktse-Njunjes, the high path
Along a long uphill we drive up through the old pine forest. The climb is steep and strenuous but soon we reach the tree-line and the reward is a miles wide panoramic view.
Depending on the weather, snow and the groups wishes we
can run a detour west along the lake Sitojaure. In bad weather we drive around the mountain ridge, avoiding the weather exposed mountain pass we otherwise would have passed over. We spend another night in Sitojaure  Mountain cabin.

Day 7 – Saltoluokta, the beginning and end of our journey
The huskies which now have become your true friends take us through Autsvagge or up over Ultevis white wide open spaces. Protective trees don’t exist in this tundra like landscape and some days it can be very exposed to the weather.
We steer our dog teams back towards Saltoluokta Mountain Lodge, where a hot sauna, shower and a three-course dinner in the restaurant awaits us.

Day 8 – Departure day

Breakfast and then departure from Saltoluokta.
If you’re not leaving until the afternoon we do have snowshoes for you to borrow.

4-11 April 2019
5-12 April 2019

Group size:

Minimum 2 persons maximum 4 persons.

Included in the price:

  • Experienced wilderness guide
  • One dog team per person
  • Warm jacket, pants, warm shoes, hat, gloves
  • Sleeping bag and equipment for the tour
  • Fullboard from breakfast day 1 until breakfast day 8 (Typical Lapland and Swedish food)
  • Accommodation, 2 nights at Saltoluokta mountain station, 5 nights in wilderness cabins

Not included in the price:

  • Travel as well as transfer to and from Saltoluokta Mountain Lodge
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages

Tour conditions:

All activities are mostly moderate. In wilderness
cabin we sleep on bunk beds in mixed room with both gentlemen’s and
women’s. Dry toilet is available at the camps. The wilderness cabins are
heated with wood/gas and have no electricity or running water.
No former dog sled experience is required but you must like animals and feel compassion for them.

How physically demanding will it be?

How physically demanding it will be depends very much on the snow and
weather conditions during the tour. But, to go dogsledding requires that
you have good balance and are reasonable fit. In up-hills and heavy
snow conditions you must help your dogs by kicking beside the sled and
sometimes also run and push the sled in steep up-hills (which can go on
for quite a while in the mountains.)

You also need to have in mind that you will be physically active outside
in the cold for many hours each day. Our tours are not made up
touristic adventures but real experiences where everybody work as a team
and helps with everything from taking care of the dogs, cooking,
loading the sleds, fetching water and setting up tents (when on a trip
including camping) etc.

If you are unsure if you are able to take part don’t hesitate to send us an email and tell us about yourself and your worries. Women seem to underestimate them self very often, while men sometimes overestimate their own physical capacity. On our tours, we have people from all over the world of all genders and ages up to 70 years old.

For who?

Minimum age is 16 years old in company by an adult.


We all meet for dinner in the restaurant at Saltoluokta Mountain Station at 18:00 on the arrival day.

How to get here:

Follow the link for more info: http://www.jokkmokkguiderna.com/en/travel-lapland-saltoluokta

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